How to Apply

Applications to the Maple Ridge Treatment Centre are accepted by Fraser Health’s Residential Coordination Service. Please contact your community outpatient substance use service provider for a referral.

All applications are received and placed in order of receipt for admissions review. Missing or unclear information will result in a delay in processing the application. Applications are reviewed for clinical and medical appropriateness for the MRTC program. Only upon a completely reviewed and approved application will admission to MRTC be considered.

Please note that some applicants may not be appropriate for the MRTC program.

MRTC offers either a 28 or 49 day intensive residential treatment program. Please note, this time-frame is flexible and based on individual needs. In order to fully benefit from our program, we ask that all clients be clean from substances for a period of 7 days before entering treatment. Clients are urine screened and breathalyzed upon arrival, and if the results are positive, admission may be refused based on medical instability.

Applications for treatment will only be kept active for a short period of time after receipt/processing. If the client does not enter treatment, or if there are delays in receiving parts of the application, some or all of the process may need to be updated.