Therapeutic Goals

The program’s main therapeutic goal is to assist each participant to gain the skills and capacities to follow through in a meaningful way on their vision of how they choose to live. Research shows that internal motivation is essential for long-term behavioural change, whereas external motivation (controlling behaviour through rules, rewards and punishments) places responsibility in the hands of clinicians and provides participants with only short-term benefits. We recognize that participants are at various levels in their readiness and ability to change. This varied level of motivation is not problematic for recovery; rather, it provides opportunities for therapeutic change through motivational dialogue and self-determination theory. Our therapy is, therefore, designed to provide participants with the tools and practice they need to succeed once they are back in the community. The compassionate, respectful and self-reliant atmosphere at MRTC encourages, in a natural way, men who are further along in their recovery to assist those who are struggling.

Wellness Model
MRTC’s therapeutic model follows a wellness philosophy. The goal is to help facilitate client directed change in important areas of functioning. The “wellness wheel” is a tool used to help clients organize their therapeutic and post-treatment goals.It is important to note that the ‘spiritual’ component of wellness is not allied with any religious or formal belief; rather, it is defined as holistic, person-centered, and promotes:

  • Hope
  • Human growth potential
  • Meaning and purpose in life
  • Emotional healing