MRTC Alumni & Testimonials

Past and current participants of the MRTC program are invited to join the MRTC alumni. Each week, MRTC alumni are invited to share their stories of recovery at Alumni meetings on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm and Saturday morning at 10:30pm.

From a Referral Agent:

“As a referral agent to MRTC, I find the program benefits the men who are willing to commit to working on their issues.  The staff is very helpful and accommodating for both clients and referral agents as they work to make the referral process as seamless as possible.”

From a Family Member:

“When I dropped my husband off at MRTC for the first time, I was anxious for him, nervous and hopeful that this would prove a positive experience for him. He had become very socially isolated, and often emotionally distant from myself and our two young daughters. I watched as he walked up to the building alone , and someone immediately approached him and held the door for him. I thought “oh, this is going to be so difficult for him” and wanted to continue protecting him as I had these past years. By the time I visited him a week later, I saw a huge transformation. I saw him cry and express emotion freely, and to my immense relief and astonishment he had formed many close friendships already. The feeling of community is so strong at MRTC, and the staff are exceptional. I have the man I married back in my life with full force, and I couldn’t be more grateful”

From a Client:

“Entering for the 1st time was terrifying. The door weighed 500 pounds, the people who all approached me and shook my hand seemed to me completely disingenuous, and the staff like prison guards. After being there for less than a week my perspective couldn’t have been more different. The door was light as a feather, the people were my brothers, and the staff respected and knowledgeable stewards of healing. There is a sign in the conference room stating this was “the house of miracles”. As an Atheist I translated this to “the house of statistical anomalies”, and it couldn’t be more true. I saw people, who most would consider lost wake up and find themselves and it was beautiful. It was more beautiful to feel this transformation in myself. House of miracles indeed…”