Program Schedule

Download our program schedule here.

Morning “Home Group”:

Home Group will be, on average, 2 hours of your program day; it is a core component of our program at MRTC. The Wellness Wheel model will be introduced and clients are encouraged to examine the impact of substance use on their lives. Emphasis is placed on developing a culture of wellness with time for participants to process their thoughts and feelings. Feedback-informed therapy is employed in this practice, constantly harvesting and refocusing on matters most relevant to the clients participating. Themes of relapse prevention and aftercare planning are woven throughout the home group experience with journaling exercises to support progressive insight and planning, culminating in individual post-treatment plans. During a client’s first week of the program, each client meets with a counselling professional to collaboratively identify personal goals and focus for his MRTC program. In the last week of the program each person will complete an aftercare plan and present it to the group and receive feedback from members to help develop the best plan for each client. We recognize what works for one person may be different for another, so we encourage this process to be a reflecting moment to develop what you need as an individual.


Other Treatment Components:

 MRTC offers several therapeutic components to supplement group work.

  • Workshops

Throughout each week, clients choose psycho-educational workshops (e.g. anger management, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem, rebuilding trust, anxiety, etc.)  or experiential workshops (e.g. yoga, meditation, etc.) based on themes deemed important in wellness and recovery.

  • Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition is a key part of wellness throughout a client’s treatment and recovery. Clients attend workshops which help provide the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy food choices and develop healthy eating patterns. Through nutrition counselling sessions clients can discuss specific dietary concerns with the nutritionist.

  • Alumni/Wellness Groups

Those clients who complete the program are invited to join the alumni. Each week, alumni are invited to share their stories of recovery outside MRTC at meetings on Saturday morning and Thursday evening.